In late October, 2014, we relocated to a new club room and workshop at Perth Airport, Scone, near Perth.

In late October, 2014 the club was able to relocate to premises at Perth Airport, just outside the village of Scone. This has resulted in a very healthy increase in the amount of space we have, located within two large rooms and also an entrance lobby. We can also boast carpetted or laminated floors (good for those who spend time working under baseboards!) and also a false ceiling which helps keep us warm through the colder club nights. We are lucky in that we can now have most of our layouts set up to be worked on or used for running sessions rather than having some "forgotten" in storage. In addition we also have enough space for modelling benches and a lounge area for social activities such as meetings or drinking coffee!

On the first club night we spent all of the time setting up and starting the organisation of our rooms. The photos below offer a preview of what it will be like once we have fully unpacked and sorted things out.

Room 1


Here is a general view of what happens when a layout such as Almond Bridge is revived from storage. It doesn't look too bad - just a few cobwebs here and there! This will be the club's OO gauge DC running layout over the winter of 2014. In the background is Fastleigh, situated next the the coffee making area! Someone even brought in pancakes and jam for the first club night...


In the other corner of this room Old Blarney has been set up to prepare it for going to the Falkirk exhibition at the end on November . Just visible is our social area. The remaining area in Room 1 is filled with boxes and layouts yet to be unpacked.

Room 2

At a much earlier stage of assembly, Room 2 looks like it might be home to the club's collection of continental and American layouts as well as Mr Laing's EM one. Just visible top right is Helmstadt which is undergoing major overhaul and in the foreground is Garth's American O gauge layout which has just arrived after a long period of storage.

Now it is May 2015 and our lounge area is already well used! We have a library, selection of DVDs and a filling trophy cabinet.


We hope you like what you see so far; please visit again as we will update our progress from time to time or even better - if you fancy paying us a visit or joining please contact our Secretary ([email protected])


Perth & District MRC is a Registered Charity No. SC045282