Watch this page as we describe progress on our new OO layout Laurencekirk

Here you will be able to follow progress on the planning and construction of our new layout which is based on Laurencekirk.

The photo shows Laurencekirk as it was before refurbishment and re-opening looking North towards the loops. No Up platform or buildings remained but the main building was still remarkably intact as was the timber goods shed in the yard. However, we are taking it back to the 1960's when, for example, the A4's spent their last years in service on the Glasgow - Aberdeen expresses. Laurencekirk had a small goods yard and loops and makes, we think, an ideal spot to watch the trains go by.

1st November 2008: Baseboards are nearly finished and we have assembled the fiddle yard from Almond Bridge to see how they fit together. We will use Almond Bridge fiddle yard for this layout. Now that we almost have completed baseboards the fun begins.....

24th August 2009: Slow progress! Having taken a break while our resources (and fiddle yard) were devoted to completing Old Blarney, we have just started work again. The baseboards are back up and some track has been laid.

17th March 2010: The main station board has had all the track laid using tried and trusty Peco Code 100 track and turnouts. The realism of the main line has been improved by creating a more dimensionally accurate "six foot" between up and down lines. This also involved cutting standard turnouts down at crossovers. The appearance is greatly improved and soon we will upload a photograph to illustrate this.

On the station board there are 10 turnouts and one catch point and we have installed Tortoise Point Motors. This also allows removal of the springs from the turnouts and by using one of the auxilliary switches on the motor, the polarity of the frog is changed and the contact tabs on the turnouts rendered obsolete. The additional switch will ultimately be used for signalling or control panel route indication. In the photos, the first wires are being installed and each motor is labelled. Use of a colour coding plan and numbering system will (hopefully) allow for rapid fault-finding if necessary although we have found the Tortoise motors to be very reliable. The green and yellow wires are for the directional movement of the motors.


4th March 2011: First locomotive movements reported in the up refuge siding and on the up main line.

24/11/13: Debut at Falkirk exhibition! Hopefully we can fill in some details between the last post and now very soon!! Also, watch out for some photos.

Or how about a video? On its debut at Falkirk 2013. We still have to add signals and the station buildings. Also some more work to do on train formations but we feel it captures the atmosphere of the line as it was in the 1950s and 60s.



Falkirk 2013 - The Exhibitors Trophy (voted best in show by our fellow exhibitors)

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